Cisco Sees Fujitsu Grab a Giant from Cement

05-May-2017 16:53

Siam City Cement Public Company Limited is one of the leading cement manufacturers in Thailand. It has installed the Pervasive Network infrastructure and wireless connection system covering all areas within the cement plant. It is the first time in the industry to install such technology in Thailand. By using Cisco's cutting-edge technology. And installation services from Fujitsu.

Infrastructure installation is part of the strategy. "Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) of Metropolitan Cement Which aims to replace the traditional work system that requires a lot of labor. Including paper documents. Improved workflow within the organization. By working collaboratively with experts through Remote Expert Collaboration and Machine Learning,

Siam City Cement has deployed WiFi and RF equipment at various points within its cement plant, Plant 3, in cooperation with Fujitsu. Includes 374 Cisco Aironet® 1532E access points for outdoor use. And 40,000 Cisco® Industrial Ethernet (IE) 4000 Series Switches from Cisco for a specified period of time (March, 2560). The network supports a number of portable devices. Can connect at any time. With an average speed of 1.3 to 1.5 gigabits per second.

In addition to reducing downtime, downtime reduces annual maintenance costs. And the problem is that the device is not effective. Metropolitan Cement will use this network as the foundation for future IIoT solutions, such as real-time tracking of employees, contractors and equipment. Including a digital quality review process. This will increase the efficiency and safety of personnel and machinery within the factory. Collaboration with Cisco and Fujitsu Helps Metropolitan Cement Improve Digital Sustainability Coupled with the installation of a comprehensive security system covering all infrastructure.

Ms. Isia Sirivavasakarn Chief Executive Officer of Insee Digital Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Siam City Cement "As a leading cement producer in Thailand, We recognize the need to make a difference to grow our business continuously. And maintain a long-term market share. The Pervasive Network will allow us to take advantage of the start-up of other organizations. It also enables employees and partners to benefit from mobility, flexibility, and security for their full potential.

Cisco Collaboration is extremely specialized in driving the benefits of a new interface. Including Internet of Things and Fujitsu as global system integrators. Improves the efficiency and interoperability of personnel. And it helps us to develop our operations under the vision of "Thailand 4.0." We plan to expand our digital into the manufacturing industry. To allow other manufacturers Learn from our experience of sustainable growth. And achieve the goal of Industry 4.0 (Industry 4.0). "

Watsana Thirapatapong, Managing Director for Thailand and Indochina, Cisco, "We are delighted to be helping to install the interconnection system within the cement plant in Saraburi. Of Metropolitan Cement To lay the foundations for improving security, efficiency and digital innovation for the future. Other business organizations Consider this solution as a concrete case study in the development of the 4.0 industry. This solution enhances the performance of Metropolitan Cement as a manufacturer. Industrial alliance And excellent organization in Thailand. And at the regional level "

Mr. Fujitsu Kawai, Managing Director of Fujitsu (Thailand) Co., Ltd. "Fujitsu is proud to be a part of driving the intelligent factory system. Fujitsu believes that the success of SCCC will enhance the quality of life for the organization and extend its success to the industry as a whole and to Thailand. "





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