Malware found on new Mac

09-May-2017 13:16

This is the first time malware has been found on a Mac with such fetid malice. Even without a ransom note However, the locking mechanism forces the passage of passwords on the Mac to be genuinely rooted, and we route all the information that communicates to the hacker's hacker server. Not quite ever

This level of malware, called OSX.Dok, runs all OS X versions of Apple. While writing this news, no anti-virus is detectable. There are just a few apples to catch up with developer certification. Not yet in the correct app status on the app store.

This malware penetrates victims in Europe. Spreading via email and malicious attachments in the form of a file was approved for inclusion in the app store on April 21st in the name. "Truesteer.AppStore" by the developer named "Seven Muller"

Which press open then run. Malware will copy itself into the folder. Mac / Users / Shared / then display the message "Packaged is damaged". Also try to remove the app store. Then put your own instead. Ready to run every time a reboot.

From the start, the disaster began when malware forced a window to appear above other windows. There is a message that your machine has security issues. Forcing you to press Update and enter the password to verify the authenticity. You will not be able to use anything if you do not enter the password.





ISP:, Inc.