The future of CCTV in mass transit

05-May-2017 17:02

Axis has analyzed that. The number of camera densities but one CCTV system will increase dramatically. In particular, according to a survey conducted by the International Mass Transit Service (UITP), 22,000 mass transit cameras have been deployed. Of course, there are rational or more specific uses.

UITP says that CCTV processing is used for a wide variety of analysis. Mostly in the form of intrusion detection, space violation, fire or smoke detection, as well as rail access. But there is a tendency to use more and more and more and more, such as detecting, spraying or destroying property.

In addition, real-time analytical systems that process human-human-based transcripts are more concise. To reduce the burden of camera images And respond to events in a timely manner. Especially to convey or share images through IP or network solutions. Go to a dedicated 3rd party organization.





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