Vulnerabilities found on the Tizen family of TVs from Samsung.

05-May-2017 17:20

IT security researchers from Neseso ​​discovered a major vulnerability in the 32-inch Tizen smart TVs from Samsung. The hacker can access the system at the admin level.

It was found that the connection to the smart TV model is not protected or any identity. The TV only uses a list of devices that have previously recognized only the user's consent. The hacker can access the MAC address easily. Or is it comparable to extending the TV remote control to the hacker instead?

Of course this is the case. Hackers can control all screen displays. Whether to change or force watching TV channels. Or content that the hacker wants. But the most serious is. The hacker also relies on the hacked smart TVs to access the network on which the TV is connected. This has the potential to damage the rest of the home network. Or even a huge corporation.

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Really, this incident did not happen first. Previously, there were also WikiLeaks who reported similar vulnerabilities in Samsung Smart TVs. It is a suspected vulnerability to the CIA's use in secrecy. But for this case. At this time, users can only turn off the Wi-Fi activation option to reduce the risk.

A few weeks ago There have been reports that more Israeli IT security researchers have found more than 40 security vulnerabilities on Tizen smart TVs.






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